14th February 2017

Round of Eastern Mesaria

Τhe round of Eastern Mesaria


Our hike starts at the little church of Agios Yiannis (St.John) in Kerame and is going uphills towards the village of Droutsoulas. Many parts of the trail are cobbled stones. The vegetation is mainly oaks and strawberry trees. The first half of the distance to Droutsoulas, after the first 20 minutes, is with not so many high trees and many times we walk between rocks that feel like as if you are passing successive gates. At one of these rock constellations, we might have a first stop, if the weather is not too hot, because in that case we’ll choose a little shadier place with a stone table a little further.

Οur second break will probably be at the square of Droutsoulas with it’s impressive belfry.

From Droutsoulas square till the square of Akamatra, we’ll follow the old footpath that was connecting the 2 villages and will cross the abandoned village of Xeredho.  Τhis part of the trail resembles a giant horseshoe, it has an amazing view and we’ll cross several streams that, depending on the season, will have more or less water.

Before reaching Akamatra we’ll pass also at it’s water reservoir that gives water supplies not only to the village, but also to Evdilos and part of Kampos.

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At the really beautiful square of Akamatra we can upon request (if it’s not summer when the cafes are open anyways) drink a coffee or a lemonade, before we start descending to Kerame again from a different trail.

First we come across a little settlement that hasn’t inhabitants anymore, then we continue downhills at a part of the trail with many Holm oaks till we reach the river with the imaginative name “River” (Potamos). There we might meet Sideris, an elderly man with his donkey, that has a little cottage with lemon trees and vegetable there, next we’ll pass near the little chapel of Taxiarches and at last we’ll get to the tavern of Socrates and if lucky we might have the opportunity to eat something there. Otherwise, If Socratis is around, he’ll be happy to have a chat with us and tell us some stories concerning his life or the life of his father who used to be in the Greek guerrilla.

Duration: 4-5 hours (including breaks).

Difficulty: Medium.

Notes: In both villages, Droutsoulas and Akamatra, there will be the opportunity to fill our water bottles. So there is no need to carry water for the entire hike, but some food & fruits will be useful. A hat will be necessary during the warmer months and of course good hiking shoes.