12th January 2017

Hiking in Ikaria

In Ikaria the morphology of the terrain is such that it doesn’t make much sense to measure hikes in kilometers, but rather in hours. Because of many slopes and altitude differences and also because of the often rough terrain, a hike of only a few kilometers may need plenty of time and energy.

The big altitude differences on some trails are a reason that some parts of the trails are very steep and therefore not a good choice for persons with sore knees or fear of heights.

Because of overgrazing and also logging for the production of coal in the past, not all footpaths have a rich shade and that is also something to take into account during the warmer months.

Trails that mention waterfalls are better visited during spring and the beginning of summer. Some waterfalls have no water or just very little during the summer and early autumn or before it starts raining again. Still, usually the deeper you get into a canyon the more chances you get to still swim in the refreshing pools of the rivers during summer months.