25th March 2017

Beekeeping seminars

Beekeeping / Apiculture seminars are taking place before noon mostly, after individual arrangement. We visit the place were the beehives are, open a few hives and by examining the panels we learn some basic informations about the functions in a beehive and the life of bees.

(Maximum number of participants: 5 people)


Σεμινάρια Μελισσοκομίας – Beekeeping Seminars

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Best season to participate at such a visit is springtime, because at this time of the year bees reproduce and new queens are made and drones as well. So, it is the season when one can see and learn more than any other season of the year.


Note: Please read the section “Visit our bees/clothing”, before you decide to participate at one of these beekeeping seminars.